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Our year of adventure

When we bought Kermit, our old VW 4 years ago I really didn’t realise just how much he would change our lives. I know, sounds a bit dramatic right?? But seriously, he’s been the best investment we ever made. Yes, he’s old & a bit rusty in places. Yes, his spark plugs blew off driving over a hill in the Lake District and we thought the engine was going to explode (it didn’t, phew!). Yes, he’s a bit temperamental staring up in cold weather unless you know how. Also it’s probably cost us more to keep him running over the last 4 years than it did to actually buy him. But, you know what. Totally worth it. You can’t help but smile driving around in him, and he makes everyone we meet along the way smile too.

With 2 kids & a dog in tow, and working most weekends through the summer, a camper van seemed like the perfect way to escape whenever we have a few spare days. Just throw our clothes in after school and were off, wherever we fancy. Camping in woods, or by the coast. Away from all the distractions of life, no wi-fi, no iPads or computers pinging with notifications & emails every 5 seconds. And more ofter than not, no mobile phone signal either. I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind, than sitting round a campfire and sleeping under the stars. And the kids thrive on it. Being surrounded by nature, waking up amongst the forest with birds chirping good morning, the kettle whistling and bacon sizzling in the pan. Nothing to worry about except finding the best tree to climb.

We spent a total of 30 nights sleeping in the camper in 2015. Everywhere from deep in the Sussex woods, to the edge of Lake Windermere. Hundreds of miles travelled and memories made, all with the help of our trusty green bus.

Camp life has made us more appreciative of the little things, bought us closer as a family, and opened our eyes wide to the beauty of simple living. We really don’t need much at all, as long as we have each other. Moments over things…always.

Campsites Featured :
Wowo, West Sussex  //  Badgells Wood , Kent //  Low Wray Campsite, Windermere  //  Hill of Oaks Campsite, Windermere